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Special fabrics from Atelier d'Eve

We offer different types of fabrics that will answer some of your problems: anti-stain fabrics that are very easy to clean, anti-scratch fabrics designed to resist our animal friends, non-flammable fabrics for more safety, outdoor fabrics to withstand the vagaries of the weather.


  • Blackout fabrics

    Purchase and sale of fabrics out to the meter.

    United or printed, discover a wide range of fabric shadowing.

    Ideals in curtains to protect yourself from the rays of the Sun, in small or large width, and still beautiful quality.

  • Aquaclean fabrics

    The workshop of Eve: purchase and sale of fabrics Aquaclean

    Technology Aquaclean is a Revolutionary treatment which allows toRemove stains the most difficult (wine, ink, sauce, fat, chocolate, cream, etc...) with a little water.

    Technology Aquaclean is a protection that covers every fiber of the fabric, thus preventing tasks become embedded in the fabric.

    This technology is at the service of life because it allows you to take advantage of the essential things. As more than 2 million homesYou'll love these fabrics of exceptions!

  • Anti-scratch fabrics

    L'Atelier d'Eve: Your online sales site for anti-scratch fabric.

    LoRaWANAnti-scratchis unique and revolutionary: a thin layer of protection is integrated into the fabric to prevent our animal friends from snagging and fraying the fabric!

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Showing 1 - 39 of 39 items