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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items
Tradilinge is a family business that has created unique and trendy models to embellish your interior.

Tradilinge has also been providing quality French household linen for over 60 years. The factory is based in Cambrai, in the North of France.

Bed linen, tablecloths, terry towels, bedding short circuit with the desire to promote "Made in France"

Respect for the environment for all products with the Terre Textile logo, a label of excellence that guarantees the consumer that at least 75% of the manufacturing stages of a textile article are carried out locally.

Competitive prices!

Tradilinge has an attractive price policy with promotions throughout the year.

A key word: quality!

All Tradilinge products for sale on our site are in line with our quality charter. Beautiful finishes, creative patterns, trendy bed linen! The advantage of Tradilinge: unique patterns that you will not find anywhere else. Each pattern is designed in their creative workshop in Cambrai.

Buying Tradilinge is the guarantee of opting for quality household linen at attractive prices.