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Showing 1 - 48 of 538 items

With more than thirty years of experience, L'Atelier d'eve has selected for you a wide variety of upholstery fabrics, of upholstery fabrics and from high-end sheers in partnership with internationally recognized brands.
We offer a large selection of fabrics to create your personalized and unique interior decoration.
Hundreds of fabrics at the part, half a coin, by the meter and decimal places for all uses. These fabrics will be suitable for all your confections of curtains, tablecloths, cushions, seat repairs, sofa covers, armchairs, deckchairs…
Among this large selection of colors, patterns and materials you will find infinitely upholstery fabrics, upholstery and curtains that will sublimate your interior. Ideal materials for all rooms of the house : velvet, cotton, linen, faux leather, imitation leather, skaï, faux fur, sheer, embroidery, jacquard, coated fabric, outer fabric, blackout fabric, oilcloth, linings, wide width fabrics…

We also offer prices on coins or half coins from Thevenon supplier, the 12.50 roll: discount 20 % .

For the supplier Beautex on the 26 m piece:20% discount.

The technical data sheets of our fabrics will help you choose according to your needs with information on the weight of the fabric, the conventional width or large width, the support, the composition, the size of the pattern for your fittings ... The tips of use for the furnishing or the seat cover depending on abrasion resistance (martindale tower), advice on washes and shipping times.

Evedeco also offers a wide range of technical products, for professional and individuals.
Here are the definitions of the labels and logos that you will find on our products :

-Fabrics for bedrooms and living rooms that do not let light through: blackout blackout or less pass the light blackout sunout or obscure 90%.

Thermal insulation hot
-To protect you from heat that can lower the temperature down to -6°.

Cold thermal insulation
-To protect yourself from the cold by creating a thermal barrier in front of your glass surfaces allowing you to heat less, save energy and therefore reduce your bills.

Sound insulation
-Acoustic property lowering the sound flow by 20% to hear less annoying noises from the outside.

-An elastic and flexible layer is integrated to prevent pet claws from reaching the fabric.

-Safefront fabrics incorporate a component that protects in a standardized way against viruses and bacteria by effectively reducing their activities.

-Aquaclean technology is a permanent fabric treatment that consists of an advanced protection that covers each fiber with an invisible molecular layer that prevents the stain from adhering to the fabric. This revolutionary nanotechnology makes it possible to remove most common tasks in a simple and fast way, simply with water.

The combined formula of Aquaclean and Safefront guarantees total efficiency after several washes and years of use.

The ISO 18184 standard designates test methods, the purpose of which is to determine the antiviral activity of textile products against specified viruses. This standard applies to fabrics, knitwear, fibers, yarns, braids and similar textile products. The main property of antiviral textile products is that the latter are products that can control the number of infectious viral particles that come into contact with the surface of the textile.

Nanotechnologies make it possible to treat interior and exterior fabrics against stains. An invisible layer of nanoparticles covers the fibers and prevents the penetration of liquids and dirt into the textiles, while maintaining their breathable properties.

-Non-fire Fabric
The logo encompasses three Non-fire standards (M1 or EN 1021 or EN 13773).
The different standards of the fabrics are indicated in the technical data sheet or by hovering the mouse over the logo.
For professionals, establishments receiving from the public (ERP), in France the standard is No fire M1.
You are obligatorily subject to these regulations whether for the construction sector, public institutions, catering, hotels, schools, nurseries, nursing homes, guest houses, boutiques and shops…
For items that cannot be removed quickly, such as curtains, opt for Non-fire M1 fabrics that have the characteristic of delaying the onset of inflammation and limiting afterburning.
Compliance with this standard is imperative under penalty of incurring your liability or not receiving permission to open the establishment during the passage of the security commission.

 This year the suppliers Thevenon, Casal and Prestigious make this choice in the short time by offering eco-responsible fabrics with collections Organic, Ethical or Nature and several Environmental labels.

-A new technology with Oeko-Tex fabrics that meet the environmental requirements European.
It does not contain any toxic products for the body and the environment and complies with the REACH standard with no chemical substances including azo dyes.

PFC Free  
-The PFC Free label guarantees a PFC-free fabric (perfluorocarbons) for a high level of requirement in terms ofimpact on the environment and health.

Recycled textiles
The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) label guarantees recycled textiles with respect for environmental and social criteria.

Organic Textiles
-Fabrics certified 100% organic cotton GOST (Global Organic Textil Standard) for greater respect for the environment.
Fabrics consisting of organic fibers with a ban on the use of dangerous products.

Ethical organic fabrics
-The overconsumption of synthetic and low-quality fabrics is increasingly being decried.
But today materials such as cotton, linen or hemp are making a strong comeback.
Therefore, the ideal for our skin, for nature and for textile workers is to favor a fabric that is both organic and ethical thanks to the labels seen earlier.                                                                  

We strive to find a maximum of products made in France.

In addition, all our custom-made fabrications of curtains, tablecloths and Zen Creations are made in our workshop in Bagnols sur Cèze in the south of France.