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Blackout, insulating 

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Showing 1 - 38 of 38 items
Blackout, insulating

For a tailor-made quote or a request for information, contact us.

We offer a selection of linings and blackout fabrics, soundproofing or thermal insulation.

The fabrics can be used alone for making curtains, it is not necessary to add a lining to them because they already have technical insulating or obscuring properties. Some of our fabrics can be used as a lining, this increases the range and allows a greater choice of color where traditionally the blackout linings are white.

Our range of technical linings (blackout, thermal insulation, sound insulation) can be adapted to all our curtains on simple request, we study all requests for tailor-made clothing.

On standard width eyelet curtains we can even install a zipper system to adapt the Thevenon brand universal liners

It is possible to use some interlining linings, they are then sewn between two layers of fabric for a curtain with increased insulating properties.

There are two types of insulating liners:

The pvc which insulate from cold and heat thanks to their composition, very thin lining which does not add thickness to the curtain.

The fleece: the thickness and the composition of the fleece provide protection against the cold, it can be sold alone it will then be used in interlining or then laminated on a sateen to be used directly as a lining. The installation of fleece brings an additional thickness to your curtain, a cozy aspect.

Blackout fabrics or darkening fabrics?

The blackout fabric or Blackout filters the passage of light to 100%, it is ideal in a bedroom or in a room where you want to have total darkness. Here are other uses of blackout fabric: dark color version for a photo development room, light color version for a video projection screen. 

The darkening fabric also called dimout blackout filters the passage of light with lower absorption coefficients. This coefficient is for the most part indicated on the product sheets.

Some room darkeners can darken a room up to 99%, unlike blackouts there is no acrylic coating on the back of the fabric. It is now possible to find these technical fabrics in different colors to match your decoration. Some supports offer a herringbone or mottled pattern for a more contemporary style. We also offer fire-retardant blackout fabrics to M1 standards to meet the growing demand from professionals and establishments open to the public. 

Save energy with thermal insulation fabrics!!! 

It is possible to improve the comfort of your home by reducing energy costs without carrying out major work. Thermal insulating fabrics make it possible to produce curtains which limit energy loss at the level of windows and doors, they therefore provide a significant additional insulation.

 For a warm and cozy side, the thermal insulating fabrics are available in velvet in a wide choice of colours. 

Acoustic insulation fabric: Rediscovered acoustic comfort. 

In the same principle as thermal insulating fabrics, sound insulation can bring improvements to your home without embarking on too much work. A busy street, a stairwell that resonates the soundproofing curtain absorbs some of the noise to find a little calm and the cozy comfort of your home. Curtains in a hotel room that filter noise, a door curtain in a restaurant that absorbs energy loss, for catering and hotel professionals you can find our technical fabrics to M1 fire-retardant standards .