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Shielding, Insulating 

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Showing 1 - 48 of 53 items
Shielding, Insulating

For a bespoke tailoring quote or a request for information contact us.

We offer a selection of linings and fabricsocculting, sound or thermal insulators.

The fabrics can be used alone for the production of curtains, it is not necessary to add a lining to them because they already have insulating technical properties orobscuring. Some of our fabrics can be used as linings which increases the range and allows a greater choice of color where traditionally the occulting linings are white.

Our winestechnical liners(occulting, thermal insulation, sound insulation) can be adapted on all ourcurtains.on request we consider all requests forcustom tailoring.

Of theeyelet curtainsof standard width we can even install a zipper system to fit Thevenon brand universal liners

It is possible to use some tri-lining, they are then sewn between two layers of fabrics for a curtaininsulating propertiesincreased.

There are two types of insulating liners:

The pvc  thatinsulate from the coldand warmth thanks to their composition, very thin lining that does not add thickness to the curtain.

Fleece: the thickness and composition of the fleece provide protection against the cold, it can be sold alone so it will be used ininterlineor glued to asatinetto be used directly as a lining. The placement of fleece brings extra thickness to your curtain, a cosy look.

FabricsBlack-Outor fabricsdimming ?

Theblackout fabricfilters the passage of light at 100%, it is ideal in a room or in a room where you want to have total darkness.

Other uses of the blackout fabric are: dark color version for a photo development piece, light color version for a video projection canvas.

Theobscurcissan fabrict also called occultantDimoutfilters the light passage with lower absorption coefficients. This coefficient is mostly indicated on the product sheets. Some darkeners can darken a room up to 99%, unlike darkeners there is no acrylic coating on the back of the fabric.

It is now possible to find these technical fabrics in different colors to match your decoration. Some supports offer a chevron or marl pattern for a more contemporary style.

WE ALSO OFFERnon-fire occulting fabrics to M1 standardsto meet the growing demand of professionals andinstitutions receiving the public.

Our team has the...Energy savingswith thermal insulation fabrics!!!

It is possible to improve the comfort of your home byreducing energy expenditurewithout doing any major work. Thermal insulating fabrics make it possible to produce curtains which limit energy losses at the level of windows and doors; they therefore make it possible to provide a non-negligible supplement of insulation.

For a warm and cosy side the thermal insulation fabrics are available in velvet in a wide choice of colors.

The sound insulating fabric: Theacoustic comfortRetrieved

In the same way as thermal insulation fabrics, sound insulation can make improvements in your home without embarking on too much work. A busy street, a stairwell that resonates the sound-insulating curtain absorbs some of the noise to regain a little calm and the cozy comfort of his home.

Curtains in a hotel room that sift noise, a door curtain in a restaurant that absorbs energy loss, for thecatering and hospitality professionalsyou can find our technical fabrics to non-fire M1 standards.