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Shielding, insulating 

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Showing 1 - 17 of 17 items
Shielding, insulating

We can also make blackout and insulating curtains in the fabric of your choice by adapting the corresponding lining.

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Our winesunderlaytechnique (blackout, thermal insulation, sound insulation) can be adapted on all our curtains on request. On eyelet curtains of standard width we can even install a zipper system to fit Thevenon brand universal liners

Blackout curtains or darkening curtains?

TheA blackout curtainorBlackoutfilters the passage of light at 100%, it is ideal in a room or in a room where you want to have total darkness.

Thedarkening curtainfilters the light passage with lower absorption coefficients. This coefficient is mostly indicated on the product sheets.

It is now possible to find these technical fabrics in different colors to match your curtain to your decoration. Some supports offer a chevron or marl pattern for a more contemporary style.

WE ALSO OFFERnon-fire blackout curtains to M1 standardsto meet the growing demand of professionals andestablishments open to the public.

Achieve energy savings with thermal insulation curtains!!!

It is possible to improve the comfort of your home by reducingenergy expenditurewithout doing any major work. Thethermal insulation curtainslimit the energy losses at the windows and doors; they therefore make it possible to provide a non-negligible additional insulation.

For a warm and cozy side the thermal insulating curtains are available in velvet in a wide choice of colors.

NOT FORGETTING THE SMEsinsulating linersthat can fit on all our fabrics for curtains combining comfort and decoration.

The sound-insulating curtain: Acoustic comfort recovered.

In the same principle as thermal insulating curtains, thesound insulatorscan make improvements to your home without getting into too much work. A busy street, a stairwell that resonates the sound-insulating curtain absorbs some of the noise to regain a little calm and the cozy comfort of his home.

Curtains in a hotel room that sift noise, a door curtain in a restaurant that absorbs energy loss, for thecatering and hospitality professionalsyou can find ourtechnical fabricsthe M1 Non-Light Standards

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