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  • Thevenon


    Thevenon has been imagining and designing upholstery fabrics for four generations. Always in tune with the times, she infuses, through her collections, a breath of fresh air into textile decoration.

    It was in 1908 in Le Puy en Velay that the house embarked on the delicate art of lace. In the 1980s, Olivier Thevenon developed woven and printed fabrics as well as hand-painted fabric, opening a new path in the sector. In 2007, Vincent Thevenon took over the management of the company and therefore worked to give it a new creative impetus.

  • Casal


    Casal finds its roots in tradition and over the years has forged a solid reputation thanks to its quality fabrics. 

    Present on the international market, Casal offers collections of fabrics where innovation and tradition meet.

    Casal stands out with its collection: flowers, toycloth, non-fire fabrics, silimi leather.. 

  • Valdrôme


    Valdrôme is 5 centuries of history. Initially an authentic Indian factory imported from the East.

    Basic dyes: the blue of the indigo tree, the red of madder, the yellow of plant juices, base of Provençal fabrics

    Valdrôme is the Provençal Art of Living and the French Art of Living.

  • Luciano Marcato

    Luciano Marcato: the Italian fabric 

    Fascinating, authentic and noble, the Marcato collections are timeless and will seduce you with trendy colors.

  • InkFabrik


    Inkfabrik, a Parisian duo from Berlin, offerselegant and contemporary textile creations. Magali Beaulieu and Elisa Millier share the same love for harmony and accuracy.

  • Bautex-Stoffe


    Since 1964 bautex-stoffe has built a solid reputation thanks to its very large offer of non-fire fabrics PERMANENT

    The great diversity of fabrics, innovative designs and high quality, offers solutions to all development projects ranging from hospitality to the retirement homehospitalsboats cruise or other including private accommodation.

  • Artiga

    Artiga, creator of Basque fabrics 

    Artiga, the specialist of Basque fabrics reinvents itself every season while respecting local know-how Made in France!

    Since its creation, ARTIGA has been shaking up the codes of the Basque web without losing the identity of this cotton canvas  renowned for its robustness and weft.

  • Tradilinge

    Tradilinge is a family business that has created unique and trendy models to beautify your interior.

    Tradilinge is also French quality household linen for more than 60 years. The factory is based in Cambrai, in the north of France.

    Bed linen, tablecloths, towels, bedding short circuit with the desire to promote "Made in France"

    Respect for the environment for all products with the Terre Textile logo, a seal of excellence that guarantees the consumer that at least 75% of the manufacturing steps of a textile article are carried out locally.

    Competitive prices

    Tradilinge is an attractive pricing policy with promotions throughout the year.

    A key word: quality!

    All Tradilinge products for sale on our site are in line with our quality charter. Beautiful finishes, creative patterns, trendy bed linen! The advantage of Tradilinge: unique patterns that you will not find anywhere else. Each motif is drawn in their creative workshop in Cambrai.

    Buying Tradilinge is the guarantee of opting for quality linens at attractive prices.

  • Rouge Carmin

    Rouge Carmin

    Between colorful and trendy collections, Rouge Carmin upholstery fabrics seduce us with their wide varieties: linen fabrics, cotton fabrics, jacquard fabrics, fancy fabrics, children's fabrics, plain fabrics but also seat fabrics, non-fire fabrics, curtains by the meter, tablecloths and towels.


    Varied and innovative, the houlès rod dresses the most beautiful window decorations: lines Modern and innovative or classics and stylized, all collections harmoniously mix decorative accessories and sharp technicalities.

  • Reig Marti

    Reig Marti

    TRY AND FIND THEM bedspreads and cushions of the famous Spanish brand at low prices! Fall for these modern designs, graphic, but also romantic and imbued with a feel cocooned

  • Prestigious Textiles

    Prestigious Textiles

    With its range of trendy fabrics for curtainscushions, and also for your creations furnishings, from Covering seat, armchair ... 

    PRESTIGIOUS has the solution to offer a new look to every interior. 

  • Camengo


    Editor French fabrics, Camengo invites nature into the house to invent collections to live, for a interior decoration fresh and bright, elegantly simple.

    Adorned with the sobriety and delicacy that belong to the major Brands of French decoration, Camengo prints its fabrics and wallpape rof a beauty that crosses fashions and ages. The brand energizes interiors problems as much as it warms the more authentic atmospheres.

  • Esterelle

    Esterelle is a company that publishes fabrics and manufactures decorative objects. The motifs are painted by hand with different artistic techniques (pastel, acrylic paint or watercolour) on paper. They are then scanned and reworked by computer graphics to produce the files that will be given to the printer. Our choice is to keep the authentic work of the hand for its graphic side and its incomparable effects.

    The workshop is located in Pélissanne in the Bouches-du-Rhône, a village halfway between Avignon and Aix-en-Provence. 
    Known in the region for its current dynamism, its large market and its folk group " Les Arlésiennes ", the town hall of Pélissanne is committed to preserving its historic center and its Provençal identity while looking to the future. It is in this spirit of " Heritage " and " Modernity " that Esterelle is inscribed.

  • Golden Fleece

    1954 - Established in Charente, the Toison d 'Or brand launches into the manufacture of double-sided wool and Scottish covers for the general public.

    In the 1960s, many collaborations with fashion designers were initiated (Courrèges, Pierre Cardin and Guy Laroche), the brand quickly established itself as a leader in the cover market in France.

    Today…New Momentum for Golden Fleece!

    With a new signature, the Toison d 'Or brand is turning to new soft and contemporary atmospheres.

    Since 2009 it has accelerated its growth and now owns the POYET MOTTE, DOMIVA, FLEECE D'Or, LAMY, BASTIE and CEDOO brands.

    For almost 10 years, the group has been committed to being a supplier and partner to distributors in household linen, childcare and professional textiles, in France and abroad.


    The credo of this great French house has always been to make products to last. The quality of the materials and dyes used makes it possible to guarantee a stable quality over time, without deformation of the fabrics or erasure of the patterns. The Le Jacquard Français collections are distinguished by the finesse of the weaving and the richness of the motifs, they cross the years with elegance.
    For more than 130 years, Le Jacquard Français has been perpetuating the jacquard weaving technique with art in France.
    In 2010,  Le Jacquard Français was awarded the EPV label, Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, for its know-how of excellence, between craftsmanship and industry.


Our collaborators

To guarantee you a selection of fabrics rich in style and quality, L'Atelier d 'Eve combines with leading brands and designers of incomparable talent.


Maison Thevenon imagines and design supholstery fabrics top of the range for four generations.
Stylish prints, jacquards sophisticated canvases of Jouy revisited… The fabrics edited by Thevenon all tell a story. If they are still woven in France, it is in Varese, Italy, that the workshops print eachTextile.
It was in 1908 at Puy en Velay that the house embarked on the delicate art of lace. In the 1980s, Olivier Thevenon developed woven and printed fabrics as well as the hand-painted fabric, paving a new way in the area.



Casal finds its roots in tradition and forges a solid reputation over the years thanks to its quality fabrics. 
Present on the international market, Casal offers collections of fabrics where innovation and tradition meet.
Eclectic collections bringing together a vibrant mix of styles, materials and colours, with the intention of bringing together the most diverse audiences around the same denominator, creativity.
attuned to textile innovation, Casal continues to believe in surprising advances like the nanotechnology, to anticipate the needs of customers.


Prestigious Textiles

Created by Trevor Helliwell in 1988, Prestigious Textiles has built a strong reputation for originality and quality with these trendy upholstery fabrics.
The headquarters is located in West Yorkshire, within a large complex of 7,000 m2.
The distribution centre is one of the largest of its kind in Europe, with 5 million metres of fabric in stock.
World-renowned Prestigious Textiles and their teams of designers are constantly looking for new decorative universes with pallets of innovative colours



Since 1964, Bautex-Stoffe has built a solid reputation thanks to its very large offer of permanent non-fire fabrics.
The great diversity of fabrics, innovative designs and high quality, offers solutions to all development projects ranging from hotels, retirement homes, hospitals, cruise ships or other including private housing.
Thanks to high stocks, optimization of production and logistics Bautex-Stoffe can ensure fast delivery and also ensures fabric tracking for several years.
Fabrics selected by many hotels around the world as well as by many cruise ships.
Thanks to its distribution network in more than 50 countries Bautex-Stoffe is the specialist in non-fire fabrics!


Reig Marti

Founded in 1951 Reig Marti is a pioneering company in the field of Bed linen in Spain and throughout Europe. The prestige of Reig Marti is explained by the complete control of all stages of production which allows to offer quality products at the fairest price.
TRY AND FIND THEM! bedspreads and cushions of the famous Spanish brand at low prices! Fall for these modern designs, graphic, but also romantic and imbued with a cocooning atmosphere.



From canvases to 1000 stripes made in the southwest of France, inspired by the original striped Basque canvases.
Made in Organic cotton with labelled dyes OEKO-TEX 100.
For colourful kitchens, Artiga offers dusting cloths, mittens, potholes, baskets, bread bags, hand towels, aprons, sponge bibs, Table napkinstable tosses and panels.
Known for their robustness, the tablecloths100% Cotton or in coated fabric will dress your tables in harmony with your decorating.
Since its creation, Artiga has changed the codes of the basque canvas without losing the identity of this cotton canvas renowned for its robustness and its weft.



Valdrôme is five centuries of stories. Originally an authentic Indian factory imported from the Orient.
Basic dyes: indigo blue, garance red and plant juice yellow, base of provençal fabrics
A pure wonder for these tablecloths with Provence motifs, where the olives are queens.
Elegance and refinement for these beautiful fruits that smell of the sun.
Our beautiful Provençal tablecloths with placed pattern will make your table the Provençal way of life,but also the French way of life.


Luciano marcato

Created by Luciano in 1962 in Venice, Marcato has always been a symbol of luxury and of refinement.
Passionate about the tradition of good Italian taste, the French publisher Casal took over the brand in 2010 and decided to continue the adventure by combining reliability and know-how at the service of quality and creativity.
Inspired by the know-how to italian, which combines authenticity and tradition, the originality of the classic motifs revisited sublimate current and heritage trends.
Fascinating, authentic and noble, the Marcato collections are timeless and will seduce you with the→ Trending colors.


STOF France

A story born of the passion of a family and more particularly of a man: Claude PELARDY.
STOF was created in 1987 and settled in a very small local of a Ligeria village: Saint Bonnet-le-Château. From the beginning of the 90s, the originality of his drawings allowed him to experience a blazing ascent.
Today the group is present in more than 75 countries across 5 continents.
Every fabric, every product, is carefully chosen, thought out and designated.
A single objective: to offer products that are more original than each other and always more trendy.
This family business of fabrics and linen offers a wide selection of bed linen, duvet covers, plaids, cushions in fancy patterns and various colours.



It was in 1928 that Félix Houlès and his son moved to Paris, in the heart of the Faubourg Saint-Antoine, then a traditional upholstery district, Decorateur Pluriel and Interior architects.
Creator and editor of collections of trimmings DECORATIVE FABRICS connecting rods, all exclusive, high-end and marketed worldwide to specialized professionals.
Houlès creations are regularly selected to decorate and accessorise palaces, castles and presidential residences, such as the Palais d 'Egmont in Brussels, the Château de Versailles or the Palais de l 'Elysée in Paris.
New creations always top of the range, expressions of a historical know-how of precision and an openness to the current trends of the decoration.
Varied and innovative, the Houlès linkage adorns the most beautiful window decorations: modern and innovative lines or classic and stylish, all collections harmoniously mix decorative accessories and cutting-edge techniques.

Rouge Carmin

Between colorful collections and trends, the Upholstery fabrics Rouge Carmin seduce us with their great varieties: fabrics flax, Fabric cotton, Fabric Jacquard, Fabric fantasyChildren's fabrics, plain fabrics but also seating fabricsfire resistant fabricshaze per metre TABLECLOTH AND NAPKINS


French publisher of fabrics, wallpapers, wall coverings and decorative accessories, created in 2000, Casamance invents the classics of tomorrow, creates timeless items to enhance interiors with style.

Its collections, colored and worked in the greatest finesse of varied patterns, and noble materials. True French elegance.


French fabric editor, Camengo invites nature into the home to invent collections to live in, for a fresh and luminous interior decoration, of an elegant simplicity.

Adorned with the sobriety and delicacy that befits the great brands of French decoration, Camengo stamps its fabrics and wallpapers with a beauty that transcends fashions and ages. The brand energizes contemporary interiors as much as it warms up more authentic atmospheres.