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Collection "AURO" Houlès 



    Collections of tips at the cutting edge of design, with modern, innovative, classic, stylized lines. And timeless collections that are very popular with decorators and interior designers.


    Beautiful quality steel tubes sold in several diameters and several lengths (cuts on request)


    Supports that meet all your expectations, wall supports, ceiling supports, extendable supports, double six colors.


    All accessories to meet refined and well-built installations: tube end fitting, adjustable corner end fitting, wall mount, rings, strut, mixed support....

Collection "AURO" Houlès

Classic or contemporary style the "Auro" collection is a must-have with its many models of tips, its various diameters and its several types of supports. 

The tubes of this collection are available in 2 lengths (180cm and 240cm), steel (6 colors) and brass (2 colors).