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Showing 1 - 72 of 72 items

L’Atelier d 'Eve offers a wide choice of cushionsof the Reig Marti brand coordinated with the bedspreads, where creations made in our workshop in the south of the France.

With fabrics high-endof manufacture entirely Artisanalin strong fabrics Oeko-tex, l 'Atelier d 'Eve presents theZafus.

This cushion of Meditationis a decorative, comfortable and practical object.
It is the essential accessory for the practice of your relaxation activities.
It allows proper sitting that clears the stomach, facilitates abdominal breathing and back straightening.

TheBolsters, long cushion for the MeditationandYoga.
It helps to achieve body opening postures and facilitates stretching.
This cushion will allow you to gain in well-being: whether for a sitting, lying or kneeling posture.

Removable and washable, the inner cushions are lined in organic spelt ball.

Comprehensivesquare floor cushions, with piping and handle in the same fabric,paddedwith covered buttons. Firm and comfortable padding. 
Floor cushions are available in standard size andmade to measurein all fabrics of the brand Thevenon.

Also fancy cushionsdifferent sizes to embellish your interior.
Crafted in our workshop, you will find removable or non-removable cushions with a high-quality silicone wadding lining.

Low-cost cushions, machine washable at 30°.

Delivery within 48 hours (working days).

free delivery for orders over