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The* bed linenWe choseTradilingefamily business. Their job is to createunique models,"trendy"tocompetitive prices.

TradilingeIt's....lineninFrench qualityFor more than 60 years, the factory has been based in Cambrai, in the north of theFrance

Bed linen, duvets, duvet covers, flat sheets, cotton and satin fitted sheets, tablecloths, terry towels, bedding protection...

Our desire: To value theMade in Franceby highlighting theshort channels;

Most of our products are fromMade in France. You will recognize them thanks to the logo "Made in France".

Tradilingehas the logoTextile Earthwhich is a label of excellence and which guarantees the consumer that at least 75% of the manufacturing steps of a textile article are carried out locally, within companies following standardsQuality
andEnvironmentally sensitive.

Comprehensivecompetitive prices!

Buy French, yes, but not at any price! That's why our prices are set in a fair way for our cutters, seamstresses, logisticians, ... But also for you, our customers.

A key word:quality!

All products for sale on our site are in line with our quality charter. Beautiful finishes, creative patterns,trendy bed linen! The advantage of Tradilinge: unique patterns that you won't find anywhere else. Each pattern is drawn in theirDesign Pointsin Cambrai.

ComprarTradilingeit is the guarantee to opt forquality linen at attractive prices.

Discover also the world of the room with our bedspreadsWoven Jacquard-machinereversible,quilted bedspreadsof the Reig Marti brand.

In washable poly cotton, thesebed coverswith rounded corners and soft colors declined in a harmonious gradient are available for mattresses in 90, 140, 160 and 180 cm.
To complete the décor of yourroom, we propose to associate the bedspreads with thecushionspresented in "Accessories"

Real asset for your decorationpleadings orquiltwill accompany you during the cool evenings and your cocooning moments with elegance.

Let it be inVelvetorFaux furpolyester, it can also serve as a sofa throw.

We offer you to complete the decoration of your room with box spring covers, headboards, 

Onbox spring coveris composed of 3 ruffles + 2 dior folds + linen knots with satinette top available in 4 sizes.

Theheadboardcan be placed on the floor, attach to the wall or the box spring according to your choice. It comes in 4 widths by 120 cm high (or custom-made).

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