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    Plain and fancy duvet cover - sheet cover - flat sheet - bedding - pillowcase - bolster.... essential bed linen for a pleasant and comfortable room.

    Brands likeGolden FleeceandTradilingewho play theMade in France.

    How to choose your bed linen

    Nothing beats themNatural materials. Oncottonvery comfortable and of an incomparable softness is also aTemperature controllerof the body

    Treatments can be added to the cotton to give it optimum values.

    The CollectionHOSSEGORis a percalethermoregulatingwhich promotes moisture absorption and keeps the bed cool.

    Calvi is made with aantibacterial cottonwho will be the number one for people prone to allergies.

    Jersylora beautiful rangeJerseyappreciated by all people who love cocooning and comfort because of its elasticity and ease of installation on the bed.

    There are several types of 100% cotton weaving: 57 threads, 80 thread percale, and 110 thread satin.

    Namely that the higher the number of threads, the tighter the weave, and the softer and stronger the fabric.

    The 57 thread bed linen, the classic, soft and resistant, is a 100% natural material.

    The cotton percale in 80 threads will be more resistant. This bed linen will be cool, light and soft, and it will be ideal for people who tend to get warm at night. The cotton percale during washing will always be softer and stronger. It dries quickly.

    You also have washed effect cotton like the Cap Ferret collection which is pre-washed with stone to achieve a slightly worn effect and a raw and non-iron finish.

    All price rangesBed linenof the Golden Fleece are united. This allows you to accessorize the interior of your room with ourthrows, blanket and bedspread.

    All theornamentsare offered withpillowcasesassorted. You can play on the decoration by mixing the colors with pillowcases of different colors.

    For maintenance we recommend a first washing of the laundry at 40° before use. Instructions are always annotated on the product.

    TO BETTER POSITIONLaundry carewe recommend liquid detergents rather than powder detergents.

    reliability for betterenvironmental awareness, Toison d 'Or has reworked its packaging for its new collection. Bed linen is now connected with fabric or a cardboard insert, which limits the use of plastic.


    The workshop of Eve: online sales of bedspread with throw

    With the workshop of Eve, prepare your room with elegance and originality. Find here a wide choice of bedspread and throw to personalize the decoration of your room always a little more!


    Blankets or throws, it's just warmth and sweetness. The only difference is the size. The choice of size is its use. It may be to decorate your bed, or revamp your sofa but also simply to warm you up.

    It remains to choose the material and several choices come into account. There arethree main categories:

    Natural fibers:Cotton Wool Alpaca Mohair Merinoswhich have an authentic charm, they are soft and quality materials. With good breathability, it absorbs moisture. More materialsPrécieuseswho require a more delicate interview.

    SYNTHETIC FIBRES: Acrylic Polyester and Polyamide.
    Soft, warm, cosy materials, very resistant and easy to maintain. Limited risk of allergy.

    MIXED FIBRESwhich combine the best properties of different materials. Easy to maintain.


    Purchase and sale of fabric headboard

    Personalize your atmosphere up to the slightest details with our collection of padded headboards achievable in all tissues of the collection Thévenon

    Choose your headboard, available in seven models and your fabric Thévenon and created a touch of unique to your room decoration, perfect decoration, you can make the curtains, cushions, bed-bound benches... Superb!

  • Cushions

    L’Atelier d 'Eve offers you a wide choice of cushions of the Reig Marti brand coordinated with bedspreads, where creations made in our workshop in the south of the France.

    With fabrics high-end fully manufactured Artisanalin strong fabrics Oeko-tex, Eve's Workshop introduces you to the Zafus.

    This cushion of Meditation is an object that is decorative, comfortable and practical.
    It is the essential accessory for the practice of your relaxation activities.
    It allows a proper sitting that clears the belly, facilitates abdominal breathing and straightening the back.

    TheBolsters, long cushion for the MeditationandYoga.
    It helps to achieve the body's opening postures and facilitates stretching.
    This cushion will allow you to gain in well-being : whether for sitting, lying or kneeling posture.

    Removable and washable, the inner cushions are lined with organic spelt husk.

    Comprehensivesquare floor cushions, with piping and handle in the same fabric,paddedwith covered buttons. Firm and comfortable padding. 
    Floor cushions can be made in standard size andmade to measurein all fabrics of the Thevenon brand.

    Also from fancy cushions of different sizes to embellish your interior.
    Made in our workshop you will find removable or non-removable cushions with an interior lining in high-end silicone wadding.

    Cheap cushions, machine washable at 30°.

    Delivery within 48 hours (working days).

    free delivery for orders over


Our categoryChamberoffers a wide selection of selections:blankets, throws, duvets, pillows, duvet cover, bedspread, end of bed, bed linen, bedding protection, mattress toppers, cover, headboard...

We especially choose French companies such as Toison d 'Or, Tradilinge. Their job is to createunique templates,"trendy"tocompetitive prices.

Itis a wind of renewal that has blown over the entire collection ofGolden FleeceA collection whileSoft and warm. timelessness and innovation. Four main themes are revealed:minimalism, cocooning, tradition and trend.

TradilingeIt's....lineninfrench qualityfor more than 60 years, the factory has been based in Cambrai, in the North of France.France

Bed linen, duvets, duvet covers, flat sheets, cotton and satin sheets, tablecloths, towels, bedding protection...

Our will: Valuing theMade in Francehighlighting theshort channels;

Most of our products are fromFrench made. You will recognize them thanks to the logoMade in France.

Tradilingehas the logoTextile Earthwhich is a seal of excellence and which guarantees the consumer that at least 75% of the manufacturing steps of a textile article are carried out locally, within companies according to standardsQuality
andEnvironmentally sensitive.

Comprehensivecompetitive prices!

Buy French, yes, but not at any price! That's why our prices are set in a fair way for our cutters, seamstresses, logisticians, … But also for you, our customers.

A keyword:quality!

All products for sale on our site are in line with our quality charter. Beautiful finishes, creative patterns,trendy bed linen.

The Atelier d 'Eve is the guarantee of opting forquality linen at attractive prices.

Discover the world of the room with our bedspreadsWoven Jacquard-machinereversible, ofquilted bedspreadsof the Reig Marti brand.

In washable poly cotton, thesebed coversrounded corners and soft colors in a harmonious gradient are available for mattresses in 90, 140, 160 and 180 cm.

To complete the decor of yourroom, we suggest you to combine bedspreads withcushionspresented in "Accessories".

A real asset for your decorationplaids orquiltwill accompany you during cool evenings and your cocooning moments with elegance.

Let him be inVelvetorFaux furpolyester, it can also be used as a couch throw.

We offer you to complete the decoration of your room with box spring covers, headboards, 

Thebed base coverconsists of 3 ruffles + 2 Dior folds + linen canvas bows with satin top available in 4 sizes.

Theheadboardcan be placed on the ground, fixed to the wall or to the bed base according to your choice. It is available in 4 widths by 120 cm high (or custom-made).

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