How to choose a beautiful tablecloth for your Christmas table?

How to choose a beautiful tablecloth for your Christmas table?

Christmas is a special time of year, marked by warm gatherings with family and friends, gifts under the tree and, of course, delicious festive meals. To create a magical atmosphere during your Christmas dinner, choosing the perfect tablecloth for your table is essential. In this article, we'll walk you through the steps tochoose a tablecloththat will add a touch of elegance to your Christmas decoration.

Choose a topic

We have come up with several decorating ideas for you:

  •          A green table: we let ourselves be tempted by the styleeco-friendly, environmentally friendly;White Tableclothcottonor inflax, we glean in the nature of pebbles, pine cone or other branches, some vegetable candles and a tableware that plays on transparency.

nappe blanche pour les fêtes de noël lumière d'étoile

  •                     A tablecolor party : we choose a colour and we come in several shades for an explosive visual effect. The table is cheerful and sparkling. Guests can even be asked to play the game by sporting an accessory of the color in the spotlight! For gorgeous family photos to share on Instagram #colorparty


  •       Atraditional table : we also like atmospheres where the characteristic Christmas themes are present, red tablecloth, holly or snowflake motifs and even, as with us, a beautifulprovençal tableclothto accommodate the 13 desserts.


Choose the right material

Cotton and linen: easy to care for, an infinity of colours and patterns,100% Natural

SUMMARISERwrinkle-resistant, shiny fabric, easy care

Ras velvet:surprising, transgressive, with the most beautiful effect

Coated fabrics: often relegated to the rank of kitchen tablecloth, the coating, which is less shiny than waxed canvas, is now available in many colours and patterns. This makes it possible to have a tableclothstain resistantand that will last over time.


Measure your table

Before you buy your tablecloth, be sure tomeasure your tableto determine the appropriate size At l 'Atelier d 'Eve we recommend a fallout of between 15 and 30cm.

For example, if you choose a fallout of 20 cm, measure the width and length of your table and add 40 cm to each measurement. Don't forget the extension cords if you have many guests.

It is not very elegant to have a tablecloth too short on the other hand thetablecloths lying on the groundare increasingly found in decorating magazines, whether to hide unsightly table legs or to bring an unconventional side to your table.

Do not panic if you do not find tablecloths in the style that suits you or the right size because manyDECORATIVE FABRICSmay be suitable forMAKE THEa sheet

This may be an opportunity to give free rein to your desires by choosing a fabricTrès coloré.or eccentric and break the codes of tradition.

At l 'Atelier d 'Eve we take great care in all our seams and we can advise you and give you a free quote


Don't forget the towels!

Whoever says tablecloth says matching towels. They also play a large part in the decoration of the table.

Beautifully folded, the towels give originality and elegance to all tables and it has become a real art:

  •          Heart bending
  •          Butterfly knot folding
  •          Lotus flower folding
  •          Envelope folding

You can also roll them up and tie them with a flax cord by slipping a small branch of fir tree into them.

Or simply take out your most beautiful round of napkin like table jewellery.

Eve's Bonus Tip :


If you already have a lot of tablecloths and want to renew your decoration without too much expense, you can opt for the table runner. More economical because less greedy in fabric it enhances the center of the table where the decorations are placed. Your tablecloth, which seemed trivial to you, is highlighted by a contrast of colours and patterns.

In summary, choosing the tablecloth for your Christmas table is an important step in creating aMAGICAL AMBIANCEand festive. Take the time to choose your tablecloth now because this will allow you to determine the basis of your decoration and thus make it easier to choose the accessories, plants or other candles that will decorate the table.


Whether your Christmas table isrestaurantsoractuel, it's the details like the tablecloth that will make all the difference in creating a warm and welcoming party atmosphere. Have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones!

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