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  • Cover sheet, flat...

    Choosing the right bed linen is primarily the choice of material, the choice of finish, the choice of colors, and maintenance.

    You have natural materials like cotton that promotes the proper regulation of body temperature, with incomparable comfort and softness. Treatments can be added to the cotton to bring it added value.

    Thermo-regulating percale, antibacterial treatments for people prone to allergies, and jersey which has the great advantage of being elastic and easy to install.

    Cotton can have a washed out side like our superb Cap Ferret collection.

    For plain bed linen you can accessorize with our fancy plaids and play the decorative side by mixing the colors with the contrasting cases.

    Prefer liquid detergents to powder detergents.

  • Duvets and pillows

    Eve's workshop chose the collection ofgolden Fleece Duvetsto expand its range of duvets for your comfort.

    Because choosing your duvet is the choice ofWarmth Levelof the duvet.

    The lightweight duvetthis is for people who are sensitive to heat. Room heated to more than 22°C. Ideal for summer.

    The Temperate Duvetsuitable for the majority of people. Chamber heated between 18 and 22°C. Suitable all year round.

    The warm duvetit is suitable for people who are sensitive to cold. Room not very heated, less than 18°C. Ideal for winter.

    The 4 Season Duvetis the combination of the two duvets (a light and a twin temperate) that make it possible to obtain a warm duvet. Suitable all year round.

    The choice of dimensions of the duvet: ideally it is better to choose a duvet 20 to 40 cm longer and wider than the mattress to avoid air entry during sleep.

    There are two types of duvet upholstery choices -synthetic fillingbased on hollow silicone fibers with characteristics close to the natural filling.Easy care, it will be suitable for people subject to theallergies.

    There's a fire.natural packingpromoting theAir flow,Moisture Wickingandthermoragulation.

    You can opt for Tradilinge duvets made in France

    Tradilingeit's a great choice ofduvet Duvets 100% certified organic cotton and made in France.

    For your greatest comfort a rangedown duvet winter Comfort500g/m² feel peach skin and a rangesummer Comfort Down Duvet200g/m² lightweight and comfortable.

    A complete rangeGreenCareduvet 400g/m²Anti-dust miteandAnti-bacterial Shell : 100% Polyestergreencare treated cotton.

    Blacktradilinge duvetsThis is the secret.well-being

Showing 1 - 30 of 30 items
Showing 1 - 30 of 30 items


Plain and fancy duvet cover - sheet cover - flat sheet - bedding - pillowcase - bolster.... essential bed linen for a pleasant and comfortable room.

Brands likeGolden FleeceandTradilingewho play theMade in France.

How to choose your bed linen

Nothing beats themNatural materials. Oncottonvery comfortable and of an incomparable softness is also aTemperature controllerof the body

Treatments can be added to the cotton to give it optimum values.

The CollectionHOSSEGORis a percalethermoregulatingwhich promotes moisture absorption and keeps the bed cool.

Calvi is made with aantibacterial cottonwho will be the number one for people prone to allergies.

Jersylora beautiful rangeJerseyappreciated by all people who love cocooning and comfort because of its elasticity and ease of installation on the bed.

There are several types of 100% cotton weaving: 57 threads, 80 thread percale, and 110 thread satin.

Namely that the higher the number of threads, the tighter the weave, and the softer and stronger the fabric.

The 57 thread bed linen, the classic, soft and resistant, is a 100% natural material.

The cotton percale in 80 threads will be more resistant. This bed linen will be cool, light and soft, and it will be ideal for people who tend to get warm at night. The cotton percale during washing will always be softer and stronger. It dries quickly.

You also have washed effect cotton like the Cap Ferret collection which is pre-washed with stone to achieve a slightly worn effect and a raw and non-iron finish.

All price rangesBed linenof the Golden Fleece are united. This allows you to accessorize the interior of your room with ourthrows, blanket and bedspread.

All theornamentsare offered withpillowcasesassorted. You can play on the decoration by mixing the colors with pillowcases of different colors.

For maintenance we recommend a first washing of the laundry at 40° before use. Instructions are always annotated on the product.

TO BETTER POSITIONLaundry carewe recommend liquid detergents rather than powder detergents.

reliability for betterenvironmental awareness, Toison d 'Or has reworked its packaging for its new collection. Bed linen is now connected with fabric or a cardboard insert, which limits the use of plastic.