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Showing 1 - 47 of 47 items

 The companions of your Zenitude   

All our Zen Creations are handcrafted in our workshop in the south of the France with certified resistant fabrics Oeko-Tex.  All our cushions are filled with natural materials.

-The floor mat bag

To take your mat to your Yoga and meditation sessions, your yoga classes fitness center or outings camping we create carrying cases.
It can be worn on the shoulder or slung over the shoulder thanks to its 90cm handle.
Its drawstring opening system makes it easy to store your carpet. An additional small pocket on the top of the bag is appreciable.
It adapts to the standard sizes of gym mats.

-The Bolster

This cushion meditation will allow you to gain well-being: whether for a sitting, lying or kneeling posture, the use of a Bolster will bring you all the comfort you will need.
With the use of the Bolster you will be able to correct a bad posture during the practice of a certain pose.
Thanks to its handle, your cushion is easily transportable and it will be able to accompany you during your outdoor sessions.
It is fully removable, to facilitate its maintenance, thanks to its large and solid zipper closure.
The inner cushion with its foam padding spelt balls cleaned and purified, from agriculture Biological controlled, adapts perfectly to your morphology and will follow you for years without sagging.

-The Zafu

The Zafu is a floor cushion round serving for the meditation and at Yoga.
It has 2 different sides in harmony.
The zipped inner cushion, for emptying or filling it is lined with organic spelt husk.
This meditation cushion is an object that is both decorative, comfortable and practical. It is the indispensable accessory to the practice of your relaxation. It allows a correct sitting that clears the belly, facilitates abdominal breathing and straightening the back.
Thanks to its two handles, your Zafu is easily transportable.
To facilitate its maintenance, it is completely removable and washable because it has a large and strong zipper.

-Relaxing eye cushion

This cushion for the eyes, a great help to the relaxation is filled with organic flax seeds and medicinal lavender.
For Yoga, meditation or just for rest, he will accompany you everywhere.
Knead the cushion to reactivate the lavender, lie down, put the cushion on the eyes and enjoy its benefits.
It is perfect for relieving the eyes, reducing migraines and it helps to fall asleep more peacefully.
Lavender fights stress, calms emotions, relieves palpitations and helps fight depression.
By placing it on the eyes the cushion masks the light and the weight felt on the eyelids helps to reduce the heart rate.
By putting it in the fridge or freezer you will have a mask refreshing which will reduce bags under the eyes.
The inner cover is filled with 90% of flax seeds organic brown and 10% lavender flowers officinalelavandula angustifolia) Provence. It is independent and can be changed. A central seam of the inner cushion facilitates positioning on the bridge of the nose.
Removable and washable, the decorative outer cover can be machine washed at 30 °C.

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