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Decoration of your tables

L'Atelier d'Eve will allow you to happily decorate your table with coated fabrics or tablecloths, whether for everyday use or for the most beautiful occasions.


  • Tablecloth runner...

    Enhance your table with a quality tablecloth, a trendy and practical table runner and elegant napkins.

    Many models with multiple colors and supports await you, choose what suits you: chic, colorful, Provencal, classic ...

  • Kitchen cloths, apron
  • Heat res. pad, mitten,...

    Being Installed

    Discover our useful and decorative kitchen accessories: pot holder, muffle, table basket ...

    Nothing better to decorate your table than our colorful accessories!

Showing 1 - 192 of 192 items
Showing 1 - 192 of 192 items