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Showing 1 - 124 of 124 items

L’Atelier d 'Eve offers a wide range of productsflame retardant Non-Fireforvehiclesand thefor professionalsEstablishments open to the public (ERP)ERP).

In this range Non feu you will find fabricsvelvet, faux leather, imitation leather, skai, curtains, liningsin classic width or wide width.

with range ofcanvases and curtainsPerfect for indoor or outdoor use.

Non-Fire Fabrics andtechnical fabricswith M1 and thermal insulation, blackout, Safe Front, Aqua clean, PFC Free, anti-claw and antibacterial products.

Our Non-Fire logo includes three Non-Fire standards (M1 or EN 1021 or EN 13773).

The different fabric standards are indicated in the data sheet or by hovering the mouse over the logo.

In France the requested standard isNo M1 light.

You are obligatorily subject to this regulation whether for the construction sector, public establishments, restaurants, hotels, schools, crèches, EHPADs, guest houses, shops and stores...

For items that cannot be removed quickly, such as curtains, opt for Non-Fire M1 fabrics that have the characteristic of delaying the onset of ignition and limiting post-combustion.

Compliance with this standard is imperative under penalty of engaging your responsibility or not receiving authorization to open the establishment during the passage of the safety commission.

We can makegrommeted curtainsstandard andmade to measure(carnations, ruflette, Flemish head...), plaid, cushion, floor cushion, cover  bed base, small furniture, headboards...

Do not hesitate to ask us for a free personalised estimate.